Happy Valentine’s Day!

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In two short weeks,  Valentine’s Day will arrive!

There are so many beautiful flowers available and who doesn’t love to receive flowers on this day from their spouse, mother, father, friend and colleague?

It’s always fashionable to express your love through sending a lovely floral arrangement.

It is a hectic time of year,  so always be sure to order as early as possible.  It is true that red roses are not the greatest at this time of year, but there are so many other flowers to choose from.  Spring flowers like tulips, ranunculas, hyacinth, hydrangea and clematis are so gorgeous and who doesn’t love a bit of spring at this cold, dark time of year?

Orchids are also a fantastic choice.  They are sturdy and contemporary.

Below are some expamples of some lovely things that are available and don’t be afraid to experiment with not following tradition.

Any expression with flowers is appropriate and most appreciated.

We all want to feel special.

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