The Wreath

Winter is almost here and now is the perfect time to appreciate the amazing fragrance that evergreens provide us with. Whether you are decorating for the holidays or for the winter, the wreath is a lovely way to celebrate the season. Here at Linden Grove,  we use a multitude of pods, cones and ribbons (our favorites are […]

Coral Charm

Hello, It has been quite a long time.   This is going to be a short and sweet post about peonies in November.  All of us here at Linden Grove really love June because we get really lovely locally grown peonies. November is quite a special time too.  It is spring in New Zealand and we […]

Ms. Dahlia………seasonal favorite

Well,   it has been a lovely summer here in Toronto.   It’s been very hot and it’s hard to believe that we are one day away from September! The summer is quite fabulous in the flower world, as our local growers have their flowers available that we patiently wait for all year-long. One of our local […]


  This past weekend was very fun. The arrangements ordered were for flowers for the Pakastani Consulate in NYC.  Of course,  not the real one,  the one on the tv show that we do flowers for. What a wonderful inspiration with all of the lovely containers and rich,  stunning colours. Of course,  this time of […]

Ms. Misunderstood

Well,  today’s words are to defend and honour the beauty of the good ol’ carnation or Dianthus (its botanical name).I am aware that I shouldn’t love them as much as I do,  but there you go,  my secret is out!   I have been a floral designer for over 20 years  and I still love the […]

RCYC Wedding

On July 21, 2012 we did a lovely wedding at the RCYC. The look was contemporary but still romantic.    It was a really beautiful day and we were somewhat concerned how we were going to get 105 vases of flowers with garden hooks,  ceremony arrangements etc…..over to the island,  not realizing that we can load […]

Flowers for the “White House”

Hello Readers, Linden Grove Floral Studio is located in downtown Toronto.  We are located on King St. E. in Corktown which is an area just north of the Distillery District. Our designs are very beautiful and we love to work with bold colours and simple containers.     We decided to start blogging so that we could share  our […]

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