Owners, Anne-Marie and Christina, along with freelance designers, are interested in the arts and each draw inspiration from the exquisite beauty seen in travel, from the poetic rhythm of music, and from their personal appreciation of a host of mixed art forms.

Anne-Marie Voth

Anne-Marie draws inspiration from an ardent appreciation of the endlessly fascinating rural and urban landscapes right up close and far, far away.  

Travel opens doors to all that is near and dear to AMV’s heart:  windy and desolate cliff side paths, thoughtfully designed gardens, rolling fields of windswept grasses and flowers, museums and galleries filled with exquisite works and diesel fumed market streets oozing with colour and the clatter of those looking for the sweetest peaches. 

Happy to embrace all that the floral world has to offer, Anne-Marie relishes the ever-changing seasonality of flowers and foliage; delighted to find that blue-green foliage that is only on the list for two weeks, marveling at the intricate and subtle striping of a yellow tulip and at times stubbornly ordering flowers she shouldn’t, “because they are just too beautiful”.

Always searching for those mysterious small details that shift the ordinary towards the sublime this partner at Linden Grove Flowers weaves experience, colour, texture and scent into all her of work.

Christina Binetti

Chrissy has always had an active imagination and a need to create.  She realized early in her career that she truly loved flowers, scent, simplicity & texture.

After studying at Seneca College and working in design driven flower boutiques, Chrissy along with Anne-Marie came together to develop a uniquely personal and creative floral studio, Linden Grove Flowers.

During her travels, Chrissy has developed an appreciation for captivating garden and landscape design; she has a particular fondness for entering gardens that feel other worldly and especially loves gardens that incorporate ruins and sculptures. She has a particular fondness for the sculpture garden at the McMichael Gallery and spending time with the live oaks and art sculptures in City Park, New Orleans.

Chrissy is fiercely passionate about art and music.  Drawing and clay work are her current passions. Her fantastic pottery pieces are featured at the shop.

After over 30 years in the floral world, Chrissy continues to be entranced by flowers and scent. If she had to choose a favourite artist, it would be Mother Nature.

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is not a cure for curiosity”.