Green Practices



  • We use flowers that are locally grown and import our flowers from suppliers who use renewable energies and fair trade practices.


  • Imported flowers are shipped on passenger planes, not on cargo planes.
  • We use a co-op delivery service for Toronto and the GTA.
  • We work with individuals who help us deliver function work and we are also members of Autoshare.


  • We return our large flower boxes back to our suppliers to re-use.
  • We re-use cardboard and packing materials in our own packaging and re-cycle what cannot be used again.
  • A majority of the garbage that we generate is compostable.
  • Our cellophane is made from corn and is 100% compostable.


  • The majority of our floral designs are done in water.
  • We re-use flowers we get back from our corporate clients in our window displays.
  • We are continually trying to improve our knowledge about where our products come from. We always strive to move forward, making the changes necessary to be a responsible and ethical company.