Valentine’s Day



Valentine’s Day



It is a hectic time of year for all  of us florists.  We are always nervous around this holiday regardless of how many years we have been in business.  This is for a few reasons.   The weather is always an issue.  Flowers don’t like sub-zero temperatures,  so we have to sometimes triple wrap our flowers to ensure that the cold won’t damage them.

The one thing that is always mentioned at this time of year is the price………there I said it.  The florist is always being asked why roses are so expensive for Valentine’s Day.  There is a simple reason for this…….everyone’s cost goes up.  The growers are trying to meet such an enormous demand, that they have to push their crops in order to provide enough product.  In pushing their crops, they will lose some sales before and after Valentine’s.  Because of this,  their price goes up and so all of our prices have to go up.

Delivery is something else that is a bit stressful.  Of course everyone wants their gifts delivered quickly and in the morning,  but our drivers have no other day in the year when they are this busy.  For this reason,  ordering ahead of time is always the best option.  We always suggest ordering at least 24 hours in advance.

Now,  while roses are beautiful and traditional,  when you shop at a boutique florist like Linden Grove, you have so many more options.  We are creative and picky.  We love spring blooms at this time of year, like ranunculus, tulips, narcissus, hydrangea, hyacinths etc…….

Our bouquets are romantic, sometimes fragrant, and lush.  We always use premium flowers and our creativity comes through in our designs.

If you are not knowledgeable about flowers,  never hesitate to ask questions or leave it in our hands as we are very good at what we do.  🙂

Below are a few pretty images,  whether you are celebrating with your special someone being a partner, mother, friend or colleague.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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