Linden Grove in Transition

Hello everyone, Anne-Marie and I want to give everyone an update about what is going on with Linden Grove Flowers. We are moving to a new location later in March.  Our in between location is located at 3 Gilead Place.    With much relief and pleasure we will be remaining in Corktown.   For 22 years, we have […]

Linden Grove……..20 years old.

    Wow, Linden Grove turns 20 years old!!!! How did that happen? Anne-Marie and I are thrilled to be celebrating 20 years of being in business together with our company Linden Grove. Both of us worked for flowers shops in Toronto and sort of on a whim, thought, hmmm…..would you be interested in giving […]

Open Letter to Margaret Curtis

On this day of Friday, April 8th I have written a very difficult letter.  It is all below. This is an open letter to our employee Margaret Curtis who is leaving us to go on to become a landscape designer and architect. Well, what can we say? In December 2009, Margaret was just moving to […]

Linden Grove Floral Workshops

Hello Everyone, It has been quite a long time since my last blog.  Linden Grove Floral Studio is now holding workshops. It is a really nice way to get to know some fantastic people and share our knowledge with our clients so that they can socialize, make a beautiful floral piece and take it home […]

Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day   It is a hectic time of year for all  of us florists.  We are always nervous around this holiday regardless of how many years we have been in business.  This is for a few reasons.   The weather is always an issue.  Flowers don’t like sub-zero temperatures,  so we have to sometimes […]

The Holidays

  Well, we always think there is time. Nobody is ready for Christmas décor yet. Then, bam, the phone calls start and the requests come in. It is a busy and hectic time of year for everyone.   At Linden Grove Floral Studio, we do love this season. There are the fragrant evergreens, amaryllis bulbs […]

Sometimes……less is more

Hello Everyone, What a terrible storm we are having today in Toronto, instead of cool air with some warm sunshine to melt the rest of the dirty ice and snow away, but alas, Mother Nature has been so kind to provide us with more snow. Today, I wanted to mention the joy and lift in spirits […]

Message of Love

  We are currently working on our Valentine’s Day Window and we need the input of many people in order for it to turn out as we would like it to. Please share your Valentine’s Day message with us! We will write your message to your sweetie pie on card stock and post it in our […]