Coral Charm

Coral Charm


It has been quite a long time.   This is going to be a short and sweet post about peonies in November.  All of us here at Linden Grove really love June because we get really lovely locally grown peonies.

November is quite a special time too.  It is spring in New Zealand and we get to work with the stunning peonies that come from there and in particular the variety “coral charm”.

This peony starts out being a beautiful pinkish coral tone and by the time it finishes performing, it has become a stunning blush ivory.

These spectacular blooms are the flowers that we anticipate as we only get them for about a month’s time at this time of year,  and we know that in a few short weeks we will be up to our knees in evergreens and other sap laden stems that will make our hands not fit to be seen in public………the downside to being a florist.

So we are really happy for this little break of spring that we get before the cold long winter that lays ahead of us.

Here are some photos of our November show off!

Coral Charm peonies in their bud form
The coral peonies add all the deliciousness to this arrangement.
So lovely!
About 5 days later… looks like a different peony.
I am pretty much the Queen folks!
Of course there are other colours available as well like this softer pink shade.
Here I am again.
Don’t forget about us raspberry pink beauties.