Another seasonal favorite

The winter has a lot to offer for beautiful flowers.  The fragrance of evergreens is the one thing we do look forward to every year.

We also really anticipate the lovely potted amaryllis we get in every season.

Our creatively planted amaryllis are always a favorite for the lucky people who receive them.  We make them up in a variety of different containers and design them with a grid of branches around them.

We often play around with adding decor such as crushed glass rock,  pebbles, different types of mosses and one of our favorites,  cut up pine cones or cinnamon sticks.

They are a lovely unique gift to give as a hostess gift, a general gift or a gift to oneself.

Amaryllis will last for a few weeks and the nice part about our creative designs, is that they will look interesting before they bloom and while you are waiting for the second bloom to come out.

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