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Flowers in the Winter

Posted on Feb 15, 2013 in Design, Flowers, Flowers Toronto, Linden Grove Flowers

Temerty 046 - Copy

Quince branches

Well, we just survived Valentine’s Day! We here at Linden Grove Flowers in Toronto love the February choice of product we have available, which is so beautiful.

Toronto can be very dreary in the Winter, so adding colour to your life is always very refreshing and a reminder that yes, the Spring will be coming sooner than we all think.

In the flower industry, we import flowers from all over the world. Generally speaking, we are usually a season ahead, so to speak flower wise.

Of course this rule does not apply when we are bringing in local product.

The tulips from Holland are so beautiful and usually the bloom size is larger than the tulips grown here. This would not be for every variety, but certainly a good portion of them.

Other flowers that we get to design with for a short period of time are beauties like poppies and Italian ranunculas. They are only available for a few short weeks, but they are so lovely and we all really look forward to designing with them to make our arrangements really pop!

Flowers that are great choices during this time of year are hyacinth, narcissus, lime green hydrangea, quince branches, roses and of course many others, but Spring flowers are really lovely.

So during this rotten, cold, dreary weather, a fantastic way to cheer up your mood or your home is with a lovely bouquet or even one spectacular bloom in a gorgeous little bud vase!

Happy Family Weekend to everyone.


Feb.10.12 031

Parrot tulips


Mar.15.12 037

Italian ranunculas

002 (10)

Mixed arrangement

015 (2)

Poppies and roses and parrot tulips


Her ladyship Poppy

011 (5)

Mix of stunning roses…….both garden and standard varieties


Poppies, narcissus and parrot tulips

010 (3)

hydrangea with skimmia, clematis and double princess tulips

006 (9)

green hydrangea, roses, clematis and tulips

002 (7)

Roses, narcissus, green mums and green hydrangea

001 (9)

Heart shaped bouquet of roses, poppies and ranunculas

011 (6)

Green hydrangea and feeling green mums

003 (3)

White and green hydrangea with clematis and specialty carnations

Mar.19.11 005

Potted hyacinth..gorgeous fragrance

006 (7)

Hydrangea with roses and ornithogalum


Detail of the glorious poppy